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                  Checklist of “What Do I Need?”____________

  1.   W-2’s (wages)

  2.   1099’s – Social Security, Railroad Retirement Benefits, Pension or IRA Distributions

  3.   Record of all other income

    • Interest and Dividends from Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

    • Non-Employee Compensation

    • Gambling Winnings

    • Alimony Received

    • State and Local Income Tax Returns

    • Unemployment Income

  4.   Record of Purchase and Sale of Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

  5.   Rental Income and Expenses

  6.   Copies of all K-1’s from Trust, Partnership and S-Corporations

  7.   IRA Contributions – Traditional or Roth

  8.   Itemized Deductions

    • Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses and Health Insurance Premiums Paid By You

    • Real Estate Taxes Paid

    • Mortgage Interest Expenses

    • Contributions – Cash (checks or receipts)

Receipts for Clothing & Household Items Donated

    • Mileage Driven For Charitable Organizations

    • Tax Return Preparation Fees

    • Safe Deposit Box Fees

    • Casualty Losses

    • Un-reimbursed Employee Expenses

    • Fees for IRA and Investment Expenses

    • Gambling Losses (Necessary only if you have winnings)

    • Job Hunting Expenses

  1.   Moving Expenses and Reimbursement

  2.   Childcare Expenses – Including providers Tax ID or Social Security Number

  3.   College Education Expenses – Tuition, Books, 1098-T

  4.   Cancelled Checks from Federal and State Estimated Tax Payments

  5.   Purchase and Sale of Personal Home and Other Real Estate

    • Settlement Sheet of Purchase and Sale

  6.   Copy of Last Year’s Federal and State Tax Return  (if you were not a client last year)

  7.   Federal, State, City and Township Tax Forms you received

  8.   Social Security Cards and Birth dates of Spouse and Dependents

  9.   Self-Employment Income and Expenses from Small Business

  10.   Alimony Paid

  11.   Student Loan Interest Paid

  12.   Early Withdrawal Penalties on CD’s and Other Time Deposits

  13.   Un-reimbursed expenses for volunteer work

  14.   Blank/voided check for E-File direct deposit and/or Direct Deposit of paper return refund

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